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Likas Papaya Whitening Soap

**Check http://acheapiemakeupparadise.blogspot.com/2009/03/likas-whitening-soap-updates-pictures.html for updates***

I am super excited of getting this soap. I went to a Fillipino store and got this for $4.35(included tax). I find it was sort of a rip off. I heard you could get this in the Philipines for 50cents?.. I am definitely telling my friend to buy me a suitcase of them when he goes back to the Philipines this summer.

This soap is made from all natural herbal ingredients, and claimed to make your skin more white. But the process takes about one to two months.
I been using this soap for a week now. Well I guess I am paler? I dont know, since I stare at the mirror everyday, it's hard for me to tell. But a lot of people say this soap is extremely drying, but for me, I think it's okay. I mean of course I am going to put facial lotion after using it, but I dont find this soap extremely drying. And I like how this soap gets rid of all the oil on my skin, and it does help preventing breakouts. Best of all, it gets rid of black heads. I use this twice a day, and every single day, hope to see results soon. ^^.
One thing I have to complaint about this soap is that it sting my eyes. So I have to shut my eyes really tight when I am using it.

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