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Clear Care~~~ LOVE IT

Clear Care

Experience the feeling of fresh, clean, more comfortable lenses—guaranteed. For a healthy choice, try Clear Care® One Bottle Solution for Cleaning & Disinfecting.
Ideal for all types of soft contact lenses, Clear Care is clinically proven #1 for comfort1,2 and clarity of vision.1 And silicone hydrogel contact lens wearers rate Clear Care better for cleaning than the leading multi-purpose solutions.

I been reading a lot of good reviews on Clear Care Contact lenses solutions. I went ahead, and purchased it. The price is pretty reasonable, about $7 to 9, and it comes with a specialize contact lens case.

I love how the case creates bubbles, soooo coool~~

Yes, I like this solution better than the regualr muti-purpose one. Now I dont have to rub or clean them, just put in this case, and it will clean them for me. Many people dont like it because you have to put it in the case for 6 hours, which means once you put it in, you can't take it out for 6 hours. Or it will burn like hell.
But i really love this product, and I dont have to worry about my contacts are not clean or my eyes are going to get infected anymore ^^

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