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Neo Sweet Chocolate ( Japanese Version of Dali brown) & New Bio Ring Circle

OMG, i finally got my Neo Sweet Chocolate( the japanese version of dali brown today)first, iam gonna review my old circle lens--New Bio Circle Lens.

I really like the design, it's really pretty. If my eyes were really brown, the effect would sort be like Leah's.
But the comfort level is really low, ill give a 6.5/10. when i wear this lens, I experienced a feeling like needle poking my, especially in the sun. And it dries really quickly. So the comfort wise, is okay.

My neo Sweet Chocolate:

i kinda think the package looks a little cheap, I mean I spent $50 on it. I kinda expected more.

Compare with New Bio. Many people said that Neo doesnt enlarge much, but actually it does. The lens are really natural, so you feel like they are not enlarging the irises at all.

ignore the top right pic, I hav it on my both eyes

it's kinda pixelie when you look really close

overall look~~

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