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Dueba Pop C Dark Blue & Pop C Dark Violet Review

First post in 2011!

ughh! time passed by so FAST! I am really not looking forward to 2011.

This year will be hectic! I seriously just want to sleep through this year and fast forward to 2012<3

Anyways,lets go back to the topic. So this is a review for Dueba Pop C Dark Blue & Pop C Dark Violet.
I think I done a review on Pop C Dark Brown before, so this one is pretty similar except for the colors.

Price: 13.6USD super cheap! (org.16+15%off at http://www.fobbybarbie.com/)

Enlargement: 14.5mm, moderate enlargement effect. The clear space on the edge is wider than normal 14.5mm lenses. But this is definitely bigger than the normal 14.00mm ones.

Comfort: 10/10 comfy! comfy!

Design/Color: Blue is too vibrant for my taste. The blue really pops out. But I really like Violet. The violet is very subtle, the color almost look like pink to me. very pretty <3 href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_DLZkybb4ghU/TSAXll2KI9I/AAAAAAAAAQc/6lgIsQkDYV8/s1600/IMG_0403.JPG">

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