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Latisse Eyelash Growth Treatment

Today I am gonna talk a little bit about Latisse Eyelash Growth Treatment. I bet many of you already seen the ads on TV and internet about this new eyelash growth product. But the real question is "Does it really works?"I am Asian, and I have very short and straight eyelashes. I always wear falsies if I want my eyes to POP. But I always wanted to have long and beautiful eyelashes. I tried DHC Lash Tonic, Vitamin E, etc. None of them seems to work. But I did a little research on Latisse, guess what I found out? THERE IS HOPE FOR MY LASHES!Well I always like to do research on Makeupalley before I go off and purchase the product. Makeupalley is amazing! (Makeupalley is a cosmetics review website. Can find reviews for always everything! ). Latisse received wonderful reviews on MakeupAlley. The average rating is 4.6! I want to buy Latisse so bad after reading all the rave reviews.
But guess what.....
*Latisse costs 100+ dollars for a bottle
*You need at least 2-3 bottles til you see the result ( that is like 200-300 bucks!)
*You need a doctor's prescription before buying the product (WTH?! )

But thanks to MakeupAlley, I found out that there is a generic version of Latisse. And it only costs 10 dollars. I will post more about this when I get it next week! So excited!

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