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Dr.Jart+ Whitening Water Drop---Ultimate Hydra Whitening Moisturizer REVIEW


I got a request to do a review on my Dr. Jart+ Whitening Water Drop I got from my BB Creams Haul. So if you have any products you want me to do a review on, just go ahead and drop me an email. I will be more than glad to hear from you.

Okay, lets get in to the subject.

(sorry, I kinda used up half of it already :P)

What it looks like when it just came out of the tube

When I blend it out (see how watery it is)

After seeing the pictures, so is Water Drop good?

Well, it's very moisturizing. Just like the picture above, when you blend it out, it basically becomes water droplets. When you put it on my face, I kind of feel it's sorta sticky at first, but the feeling goes away in 1 or 2 minutes after my skin absorbed it. I have oily skin and I didn't experience any major break outs after using this product. So that is a plus~~

This product is basically non-scented and I like the natural smell.

Does it really helps you whiten your skin?

um....I actually can't tell. I probably stare at myself too often in the mirror. I been using this product for a month now. So far, I haven't notice any dramatic whitening effect. I do have people stare at my face and say "wow, you are so pale", but that is just because I wear BB cream ^.^

One thing I didn't like about this product is because it is so watery, I find I have to use a lot of it in order to cover my whole face. This moisturizer isn't cheap~~ Retail at about $21. I think I can finish the whole tube in 2 months.

Will I repurchase this product again?

Most likely not~ Don't get me wrong, this is a very good moisturizer. But I love trying out new things, and I just don't find myself spending another $21 on it. I guess I am sort of disappointed that this doesn't do much of the whitening effects I hoped ofr. If you want something that is cheap and has good whitening effect, check out Likas Papaya Soap. I did a review here: http://acheapiemakeupparadise.blogspot.com/2009/01/likas-papaya-whitening-soap.html

Who will I recommend this to?

People with very dry skin looking for a good moisturizer. But this doesn't come cheap, so it's better if you could find another cheaper substitute.

Thanks for reading, see you next time :P

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