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Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner Review

Finally, I got my Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner yesterday in the mail. I bought it off Ebay pay around 27 dollars included the shipping.


The cleaner itself with the bracket.
At first, I was kind of skeptical about this cleaner, but I bought it anyways because many Soompier said it works great. It's TRUE. This cleaner is awesome, it clean your lenses so everytime you put them on, it feels clean.
I guess the main reason I bought this is because I don't have to buy expensive lens solution like Opti Free, Renu, and Clear Care (although I really like it, but it can be expensive, since a bottle only last a month. So a blogger suggest using Clear Care once a week, and use Ultrasonic Cleaner daily. I think it's a brilliant idea ^^). I can just use SALINE SOLUTION, which is ridiculously cheap compare to other solutions. I got a bottle of 12ml for only $1.39. So no more expensive lens cleaner, I can just use Ultrasonic cleaner with saline solution, and get my fresh, clean lenses everyday.
Some people say this cleaner can extend the life expectancy of the lenses...um...I am not sure about that. So I wouldn't try it. I never really wore my lenses up to a year anyways, I always like to switch to new lenses every few months.
There are other simple automatic contact lens cleaner out there. I wouldn't trust those. I have one myself, I got it while I was in China, it costs only about 3-4 USD. It doesn't use Ultrasonic, but vibration instead. So what it does is it creates vibration, so the water wave might break out the protein and other bateria on the lenses. I personally don't like them, and I don't think they really work. I recomend you buy a nice one like Ultrasonic Cleaner instead of the normal one because some people say rubbing the lenses with your finger is better than those cheap automatic lens cleaner. So don't waste your money.
I am still don't why Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner isn't really popular. I tried to search it on google, nothing really shows up. I think it is a great product, and I like it. Maybe someday I should use a microscope to see if it really clean the lenses ^.^

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