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Geo Fresh Brown

I got the lenses yesterday, I been busy packing and I shipped them all out today~

I ordered a pair of Fresh Brown and Ck-108 for myself. I am not going to open CK-108 yet. But I did opened my fresh brown. I love it.

I am really surprised by how natural they are. They blend in pretty well. I like more natural look, so I would not recomend this for those who like a bold look cuz the brown doesn't really show up. They are kind of dark, but not dull looking. Overall, I am really happy with them.Comfort: 8.5/10 I wore them for the entire day today. Pretty good, but I think Neo is still the most comfortable brand for me. I feel this is kind of thick. But overall, it's pretty good.Enlargement: 9/10 Well this is not like huge, but still pretty big. THe limble ring on the edge does a good job on enlarging.Design: 10/10 I like the color/design. When you first look at it, it looks pretty vibrant, but it's natural and does a good on enlarging. So I recomend this for those who want a natural and enlarging lens.


Natural Lighting

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