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Geo Princess Mimi Café Series Waffle Review


Color/Design: This is consider as a 3 tone lenses. Thick black ring on the outside, and then it blends with blueish gray, then yellow on the inside. The idea of having yellow on the inside around the pupil may sound weird. But the yellow is quiet subtle, it wouldn't make your eyes look creepy. It's there to add more deepth to your eyes. I don't know why it is called waffle. It looks nothing like it. But I guess waffle is a cute name and it goes with the theme (Mimi Cafe).

Englargement: BIG. 15.00mm (short and sweet :P)

Comfort: I'll give it a 8/10. Personally, I don't adore big lenses. I feel like my eyes are too small for them. The comfort of this is pretty good. But for lenses that are bigger than 14.5mm, I-fairy is still the most comfortable ones for me =)

They are available for purchase at www.fobbybarbie.com ($17.99 with free shipping)

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