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Geo Bambi Chocolate Brown (Princess Mimi WMM-304) Review

The Bambi Series come in 4 different colors. They are designed by a famous Japanese model Tsubasa Masuwaka. Bambi lenses are wore by countless Japanese models, they are super popular in Japan right now.


Enlargement: 15.00mm FOR REAL! This is not one of the false advertising trick. The lenses are 15.00mm. Amazing enlargement effect

Color: Natural yet noticeable. The size of the lenses is definitely a giveaway. In the middle of the lenses, there is a yellowish ring, which creates more depth to your eyes.

Comfort: Geo is definitely one of the best lens manufacturer in Korea. All their lenses are great quality. I heard that Geo is getting USA FDA approval (that means we can probably get Geo lenses from our optometrist in the future).

This lens is designed for Japanese market, so the safety and quality control rised to another level. The lenses are so comfortable! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I got this from http://www.fobbybarbie.com/ for $16 with FREE shipping. They have instock Bambi lenses in their North America warehouse, so if you live in USA, you will receive your lenses in 2-3 days!!

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