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EOS MAX Pure Brown Review

I know many of you guys heard of the amazing EOS MAX Pure Grey right? I did a review on it a while back. If you read my review, you would know how much I love Max Pure Grey.

So here is a little review for Max Pure Brown:

Comfort: Very comfortable. I guess I am used to all the Geo and EOS lenses now ^.^ I have been wearing circle lenses for about 3 years and my eyes are perfectly fine! I never had any eye infections before =) The trick is to CLEAN your lenses!~~

Color/Design: Natural, caramel color. Although this lens is really big (refer to the enlargement section), the color blends in with the eyes so it's not as dull looking as other lenses. And if you have a light eye color, it will give you a "Leah Dizon Effect". The color is not really obvious, but it's not like Geo BC-101 neither. It has this redish brown color that looks gorgous under the sun ^.^

Enlargement: This lens has a 15.5mm enlarging effect! But the color is really natural, it wouldn't make your eyes look fake. This also has a normal size (14.00mm) version, so if you like the color but afraid of the enlarging effect, you can check that out.

Overall, I am obsessed with all the EOS lenses lately. And EOS had became very popular nowadays~ It definitely offers more variety than Geo.

BTW, I am starting my EOS batch around Thanksgiving, so I will love it if you guys can join <3

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