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SKIN79 SUPER SPF25 Triple Function BB Cream‏ HOT PINK --REVIEW

I haven't update for such a long time! Sorry >.< I guess I am just being lazy ~~

So I got this Skin 79 BB Cream in the mail yesterday. I always wanted to buy this product but never actually make up my mind to do so. So I was super excited to get this!!

I assume you guys all know what BB cream is right? Well, it's basically liquid foundation, but many BB cream has SPF, whitening effect, and suppose to improve your skin! (not a skin care though, so make sure to remove them before you go to sleep)

I love the packaging! It looks really cute and professional. ^.^ This is the in HOT PINK or the "summer collect", so it does a good job on oil control. There is a Gold version of this BB cream, and that one is intended for winter use---more moisturizing.

The texture of this BB cream is really light and has good staying power. I didn't notice any smearing throughout the day. This BB cream has a dark grayish color, but once you blended it out, it will match your skin perfectly! (since BB cream don't come in variety of colors, if you have darker skin tone, BB cream may not match the color of your skin that well. But it would definitely makes you pale :P)
Here is a comparison picture. I have uneven skin tone and some acnes. This BB cream doesn't provide a thick coverage, but a natural sheer coverage. I am pretty happy with this product since I am looking for something that has sheer coverage that will brighten and make my skin even.

Overall, I love this product, defintely buying it again.
Great for anyone who is looking for a sheer coverage---natural look!
After putting on the BB cream.

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