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EOS Jewel Gray + EOS G201 Gray + Dueba DM23 Browm REVIEWS

I know I am like obsess with circle lenses now. Almost all the posts in this blog are about circle lenses. I am sorry, I will update some makeups reviews soon ^.^
I have been busy for the past two weeks. I opened quiet a few lenses.

So here is a big review:

Dueba Dm23 Brown

First of all, I waited for 1 month to get this lenses. I always wanted to get them, but could never find a seller who sell them cheap. So I was extremely excited to get them, but I was really disappointed >.<>.< (P.S. I am wearing Sephora Falsie Xiaoshan gave me for my B-day, thx Xiaoshan ^.^)

EOS G201 Grey

Color/Design: 9/10 I love this color!! this one is similar to Pure Grey, except for this is bigger and brighter than Pure Gray. It also provides a Leah Dizon effects!!

Englargement: 10/10 HUGE!! This lenses are truely 14.5mm. I compared them with my Geo lenses, and they are HUGE (not the color part, but just the lenses itselves).

Comfort:9/10 really comfy^^

EOS Jewel Grey:
Color/Design: super pretty, looks like it's sparkly
Enlargement: 8.5/10 pretty decent
Comfort: N/A haven't wore them long enough to tell, but for now, it's really comfortable

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