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Physicians Formula: Organic wear® 100% Natural Origin Mascara REVIEW

So I picked up this mascara while I was doing grocery shopping at Fred Meyer. I was really intrigued with the package. I like the the eco friendly design, and the cap is just soooo cute!! I am a big fan on eco-friendly products. My friend calls me A Tree Hugger. lol~ Yea, but I believe that I wll make a difference if by using more eco friendly and organic products . Anyways, the best thing is it has a mail in rebate sticker "TRY ME FOR FREE". So I only hav to pay around $1.5(stamp and tax) for this mascara. It's definitely worth it. So I decided to give a try. But the result was horrible!

This mascara does not hold the curl and it smells terrible! It has this plastic ish smell and it last for hours. Moreover, this mascara stings my eyes. My eyes are not the sensitive type. This is the only mascara that irratates my eyes. I am thinking of returning this product. I am really disappointed in this this product. Does not add length, volume, smudges like crazy, smells horrible, irratates my eyes, and expensive(if it comes with no rebate).
So save your money for some other mascaras. I really don't recommend it.

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