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EOS Pure Grey V201 E.O.S Circle Lens Batch!

Finally! Today have been a good day for me. I finally received my DUEBA DM23 Brown after waiting for like two months! I almost thought that I got scammed. But it's all good, the shipping took a while though. And I got the lenses from EOS.

If you guys are interested in EOS circle lens.I will open a batch on July/August. And I will sell them around 15-20USD. So contact me if you want them at: cheapcirclelens@gmail.com

So here is some pictures of lenses I am going to sell (I am also selling the Jewel Series)

degree would range from 0.00- -10.00

Tear Series

Love Series

Pure Series

Adult Series

I actually opened the Pure Gray, the enlarging effect is really good yet quiet natural.
They really comfortable. I always wanted to sell EOS lenses, they are soooo pretty!!

So join my batch in July/August for EOS lenses. Or keep an eye on my facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=67947375019 for updates ^.^

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